1. inkyROBO cordially welcomes you on its Affiliate Program terms & conditions page. It is indeed a pleasure for us to get some referrals from your side.

2. We, at inkyROBO, are delighted to offer you a chance of earning some passive income simply by referring our website to new users. The referral will benefit you with a 25% of the purchase amount into your account when any user referred by you will sign up for an account and make the first purchase at inkyROBO. This is a great chance for you to earn some extra money. Now, allow us to let you familiar with the real benefits of this program.

3. We appreciate your arrival on this page and consider your consent for Affiliate terms and conditions of inkyROBO. Our Affiliated program covers a number of other conditions that are applicable to active inkyROBO affiliate partners who have already gained significant benefits through the program.

4. Being an Affiliate, inkyROBO requires you to abide by the terms and conditions of our Affiliate program. Most of the terms and conditions have already been mentioned in our general terms section. Hence, we are assuming your familiarity with all of them. In case, there seems any deviation in the general terms and Affiliate programs terms, we ensure your participation will be subjected under the Affiliate program terms as our Affiliate member.

5. Your participation as an Affiliate will bring some responsibilities for you. Hence, skim through to know more about how the program works.

How To Become An Affiliate Member

6. We actively seek the participation for inkyROBO Affiliate program. Read more to know how to qualify successfully as an active member.

How It Is Done

7. Your successful participation in our Affiliate program requires your registration with name, username, email id, PayPal email id, and other details.

8.A successful registration will take you to “My Account” section where you can see details of purchase history, settings and Affiliate area.

9. Referral code: Successfully registered Affiliates can get a referral code generated by default drawn with the user name and other important credentials. Affiliate members can check the account section for automated referral code.

10. To get the related benefit, paste your referral code including our link on your website. In case of any sign up on inkyROBO through your referral (when users will click on your referral link) for a new membership account, you will get the eligibility to earn a percentage of the very first purchase.

11. Referral percentage: You will be shown successful affiliate earnings positioned under the “Affiliate Area” in the “My account” section tab. The details on paid earnings, unpaid earnings, visits and other details are also pinned under this section.

12. Detailed Information: Assuming on how our affiliate program records the purchasing details? Keep on reading to know the details.

A. Cookies on users’ systems help us track them whenever they click the link on inkyROBO page to sign up.

B. Whenever new users click on the referral links given by you to make purchases or simply visit our website for the same purpose, through your referral, the purchase will be counted one among your referrals. This will make you eligible for the affiliate reward.

How referral income payments are processed

This segment is designed to familiarize you with the information related to the account, deduction from the account, amount withdrawn, etc. Later, there is information on entire payment process related to our Affiliate program.

Information on payment earning

13. The earning of Affiliate program will be paid as per the rates discussed here. Payment will be made to you soon after you request for the same. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is $50. Thus, it simply makes it clear that you could only raise the payment request if there is $50 or more in your account.

14. Right now, we are entertaining payment requests only through PayPal account and thus, we request you to provide accurate PayPal email id while registering.

15. Payment Earnings: Timing And Methods

A. We ensure you to keep your earnings safe that will be paid after the request is made. As soon as your earnings reach the minimum value prescribed earlier, you are eligible to make the request and get the money transferred to your PayPal account.

16 Payment Errors: We have all the rights reserved for holding the earnings for whatever reasons there is a delay in the payment. The reasons may vary as listed below:

A. The correct payment details are yet not made available from your side.
B. We are not able to use the contact details provided by you.
C. No payment requests have been made by you or we find any involvement of yours in online frauds.

17. Currency Conversion: The payment of the reward money you have earned through the Affiliate program will be paid in USD. However, any conversion or service charges levied by the payment processing agency such as PayPal are subject to be paid at your end.

18. Conditions for Chargebacks and Refund Policy: In case, a user who lands on our page through your referral link asks for the refund for a returned order, no payment will be made to you as affiliate reward percentage.

Things to avoid

19. You are prohibited to offer us referrals by any of the following ways:

A. Misleading prospects either by not providing the complete details just to endorse your website. For instance, making use of designing elements from our website.
B. Generating contacts through inkyROBO website or from the related domain to gain significant referrals. This also includes getting links from diverse domains to get future referrals.
C. Using inkyROBO’s intellectual property that includes brand name, logos and banners(other than provided by inkyROBO), related trademarks, etc.
D. To use SEO specific keywords, a domain name resembling inkyROBO, and PPC advertisements as well including inkyROBO’s trademarks and other such entities.
E. Using items’ description as mentioned in our website ( without our consent);
F. Circulating emails that could act as an element of spam;
G. Not abiding to the laws that include spamming of intellectual property. The act of breaching laws is not at all limited to this.
H. Indulging in the deeds that may confuse the users i.e. reference from different websites that mislead users as an inkyROBO entity.
I. Doing activities that in any of the means appear as the threats directly or indirectly on the conditions of affiliate program.
J. Venturing in any of the activities that have not been prescribed in our policies or require consent from our side for indulging in the events promoting fraud, confusing users, or using link designs in order to misleading the users.

20. We reserve all the rights to decide whether you are applicable to become an affiliate member that include adhering to the legal terms prescribed as affiliate program or the inkyROBO terms. In case, we find that your membership is not holding the eligibility to become the affiliate member, we, on the grounds of any of the reasons, may cancel your participation into the program including the deactivation of your account and holding your earnings as well.

21. The decision upon your participation as affiliate program membership is subject to decided on the accounts that it is not breaching any of the laws or the conditions of the affiliate program (with absolute reasons).

It felt great that you thoroughly skimmed through the entire section of our Affiliate program terms and conditions. We are thankful to you for being patient while reading the terms and conditions. Our affiliate terms and conditions page is easily available and accessible to you. In case, we have remained unsuccessful in dealing with any of your queries, then do let us know about it through our “Contact Us” section. We will be delighted to serve you satisfactorily for your queries.

W.E.F- April 07, 2016

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