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Online Lettering Design Tool is a feature-rich Magento extension that has been designed to enable the users to embellish the lettering with help of varied the font styles, spectrum of colors, different font sizes, multifold border styles and many others features.

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Compability Upto: Magento 1.9

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Incredible Attributes Of Online Lettering Designer Tool

Sophisticated Interface

Lettering Design Tool comes with a highly advanced interface so that the users can employ the designing process seamlessly. This interface provides every function at one place that makes it easy for the end-users to access this letter designing tool.

Seamless Scaling

The process of scaling the letters through this tool is superb. The end-users just need to mention height and width, then this application will automatically adjust dimension of the lettering quickly.

Multiple Coloring Options

There are various coloring options including text color, border color, and shadow color. All these options empower the users to design the letters in multiple colors and textures in order to personalize the style and render unique lettering.

Simple To Install

Lettering Designer Software comes with a brilliantly designed architecture that makes it easy to install and set up. This Magento extension requires minimal configuration. Moreover, there is no need to modify the Core files.

Multifarious Personalization Functions

Loaded with an array of advanced designing functions, Online Lettering Designer Tool can empower the users with amazing capabilities so that they can go beyond the limit.

Explore The Video By Expert To Know How Our Tool Works

Online Lettering Designer Software has been bestowed with the highly advanced functionality and interface that make it easy for the users to craft and customize the design for the letters. Although this tool features interactive interface and an array of user-friendly functions, for more convenience, we have prepared a detailed video that sheds light on how this marvelous lettering designing tool works.


Why Availing Lettering Designer Tool From inkyROBO Is The Best Option!

Online Lettering Designer Software is one of the powerful tools by inkyROBO that can render out-of-the-box experience. It provides marvelous functions that help the users prepare and personalize design for letters. Let’s have glance below to know more

  • Ready To Print Functionality: This tool enables the users to print the output in different file formats like PNG, PDF, and other formats.
  • Seamless Flip Features: The Lettering Designer Tool comes with flipping functionality that the users can use to flip and rotate the letters in any direction, vertically & horizontally and clockwise & anti-clockwise.
  • Online Social Sharing: Here, the users can seamlessly share the design on the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Flexible Pricing Structure: There is a flexible pricing for varied designs that can allow the business players to set up the price for different features such as colors, images, and texts.
  • Full-width Layout: The Lettering Designer Software comes with a full-width layout so that it can be accessed through devices of varied screen sizes seamlessly. This is highly beneficial for the business because the chances that the maximum visitors will access the solution are higher.

Mark Crosby —one of our customer said:

I am highly impressed with this amazing tool by inkyROBO. Since integration of this Lettering Designer Tool with online print business, I witnessed a push in the productivity. This tool has actually automated different processes of my business.

What Components Can Be Customized With Lettering Designer?

Lettering Designer Tool comes with the advanced capabilities that can let the users craft and customize various component of letters including:

  • Font Size and style
  • Color for border, text and shadow
  • Text Shadow
  • Border Style
  • Text line alignment
  • Bold & italic
  • Text line Alignment

Some FAQs:

Q. Does this extension require configuration set up?
A. Yes, after completing installation of this extension, you need to configure the extension. It is extremely easy and will take a few seconds. For more information, you can read the documentation.

Q. Is it possible to customize this designing tool?

A. Yes, if you want this Lettering Designer to be customized according to your business website, then do not worry. We have a team that will help you personalize this designing extension. Just drop an email to us, we will reach to you soon.

Q. What file formats does the output supports?
A. The output of the Lettering Designer supports varied file formats such as PDF and PNG.

Q. Do You Help Business integrate this tool with different ecommerce website?
A. We have a team of brilliant website developers and designers, who can help you to integrate our Lettering Designer tool with your e-commerce website at the best price in industry.

Q. Up to which Magento version this lettering design tool compatible with?

A. This lettering design software is compatible up to Magento 1.9 version.

Q. Can I customize the price of design?
A. This Magento extension supports flexible pricing structure so that the business players can easily customize the price of every design without having any hassle.
Q.Is there an option to customize this plugin based on our needs?
A. The details are available here.

Q.Can I use this tool on multiple domains?
A. The details are available here.

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