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Developed by the professional designers, t-shirt designer-OpenCart extension is an ideal software that allows the end users to create stunning designs. Apart from t-shirts, this software can also be used for designing distinct products such as mugs, hoodie, caps, bottles, business cards, woman bags and many more. The t-shirt design tool-OpenCart extension comes with the frontend and backend features wherein frontend is for the end users where they can easily create custom design on the products. Backend allows the admin to manage distinct activities with just a few clicks without even having the knowledge of coding. Another striking feature of the tool is that it produces print-ready output and facilitates fast printing and delivery of the orders.

Outstanding Features of T-shirt Designer- OpenCart

  • 100% responsive and mobile friendly
  • Developed using OpenCart plugin
  • The final output comes in the PDF, SVG and PNG print ready file format wherein PDF and SVG are print-ready and PNG is design proof
  • Option of adding vendor-specified product
  • Admin can easily manage every functionality of the frontend such as colors, style, products and many more from the backend section with the added benefit of downloading custom designed products for printing
  • The admin has the choice of deciding the print area on which the end users can design the products. For example, while creating stunning designs on t-shirts, admin can decide the print area as per the need
  • Flexible design pricing that allows the sellers to set the individual pricing for texts, cliparts and images
  • Multilingual support
  • The end users can share their creativity on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Cross-browser compatibility

Front-end Features

The online t-shirt design software-OpenCart extension is a well-designed tool that comes loaded with marvelous features that are listed into distinct sections below:

Text Features

  • Loaded with a huge assortment of Google fonts
  • Addition of custom texts on the products without any hassle
  • Predefined text arching to enrich the text appearance
  • Spacing control enables the addition of multiple line and single line text with an ease
online t-shirt design text features

Clipart Features

online t-shirt design clipart features
  • A wide range of cliparts to choose from
  • Lazy loading feature improves the page load time and server bandwidth
  • Option of rotate, align and flip cliparts

Upload Image

  • Choice of uploading image from personal gallery
  • Featured with drag & drop and flip & rotate functionality
  • Multiple images can be uploaded
  • The end users can save the image for the future use
online t-shirt design image upload features

Product Browsing

Product browsing
  • Distinct object selection
  • Option of sharing the creativity on emails and social media
  • Precise color, quantity and size

Download Digital Proof

Download Output The end result comes in PDF, SVG and PNG format wherein PDF and SVG are print-ready and PNG is proof.

Backend Features

Loaded with backend features, this t-shirt designer-OpenCart extension allows the admin to handle every activity without any hassle.

  • Product manager – The admin can easily manage every product related options at the frontend in this module without the need of knowing any single line of code.
    • Products: By just few clicks, the admin can easily add or remove an array of products.
    • View: Admin has the option to create views for each specific product and assign them accordingly. For example: T-shirt as a product will have front, left, back, right side view.
    • Cliparts:Addition of an array of cliparts with distinct colors can be done by the admin for the end users. Moreover, the admin has the option of setting the price for any specific clipart for the end users.
    • Colors:With just a few clicks, the admin can make addition of multifarious colors from the color palette for their products.
    • Size:The admin can handle distinct sizes depending on the products.
    • Text Effect: The admin has the option of adding multiple text effects which permit the users to use it while designing.
  • Order Manager – In the backend, admin receives all the customized order from the website where he can easily extract the final output in PDF and SVG print-ready file format and also get in PNG for digital proof.
  • Manage Language – Addition or removal of new language for the frontend customers.

Multiple Customization Products

The online t-shirt design software-OpenCart extension is designed in such a way that it enables the end users to create captivating designs on an array of products such as mugs, t-shirts, bags, bottles and many others.

Extended Premium Version

  • Bulk order
  • Easy search options for cliparts
  • Black canvas for designing unspecified products
  • Addition of artworks in a single zip folder
  • Color extraction allows the users to eliminate unwanted details
  • Can easily add numbers and pictures on the apparels that are available in varied sizes and colors

Some FAQs:

  • Q. What do you mean by a single domain license?

    A. When you purchase a single domain license, you are basically entitled for running and installing this tool on a single domain. For instance, if you wish to get updates and support for the t-shirt designer tool, you will be needed to validate your domain with the licensing authority. Once the entire process is done, you will start getting free updates and support.

  • Q. Which is the perfect choice among T-Shirt Designer OpenCart version and Developer version?

    A.The details are available here.

  • Q. Are you available for customization service for the design tools?

    A.The details are available here.

  • Q. Is there any possibility of changing the price of the product?

    A. Yes, you can easily modify and edit the price of the products along with the fonts, cliparts, and images providing you much-desired control on your system.

  • Q. Is this tool compatible with multiple language websites?

    A. Yes, this tool is compatible with multiple language website.

  • Q. What is the procedure of accepting files of design in PDF, PNG and SVG formats?

    A. Go through this link for taking live preview of OpenCart t-shirt design tool. The moment you completed the process of “add to cart,” you receive the file of your own design formats like SVG, PNG and PDF.

  • Q. Which server is needed for using this tool?

    A.It is essential for you to assure that your system server adheres to all requirements that are vital for completing the installation process successfully. You can go through the following link for detail.

  • Q. Is there an option to customize this plugin based on our needs?

    A. The details are available here.

  • Q. Can I use this tool on multiple domains?

    A. The details are available here.

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Further assistance in case of any queries

Specifically designed for printing and ecommerce firms, this t-shirt design software-OpenCart version comes packed with spellbound features that allow the end users to create outstanding designs with ease. Based on web-to-print and powered by OpenCart, this innovative software comes with improved functionality and friendly structure.

If you wish to get any further clarification about the software or want to get the best answer of your queries, then feel free to raise your questions. You can easily communicate with us via mail at and or through contact us page send us your queries.We are devoted to providing uninterrupted customer support and help in finding the right solution. Check out the live demo here.

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  • Single Site License • 6 months of free support & updates included • Flat one time fee

  • Single Site License • 12 months of free support & updates included • Flat one time fee

  • Single Site License • 24 months of free support & updates included • Flat one time fee

  • Addon's
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  • An Opencart Extension
  • Help file included
  • Free support
  • Free update
  • Flat one time fee

Last Updated

  • 16th March 2017


  • 10th April 2015

Software Version

  • OpenCart 2.0x
  • OpenCart 2.1x
  • OpenCart 2.2x

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