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T-Shirt designer- Opencart extension is a responsive tool with many simple features that allow the users to create wonderful t-shirt designs.

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Salient Features of OpenCart Powered T-shirt Designer

Stunning Graphics

Tool provides the greatest opportunity with multifarious alluring cliparts, designs, layouts and unlimited artwork options to design a broad range of stylish t-shirts that are fully customized.

OpenCart Themes

Pick your best-loved theme from a huge list as per the business preferences as our highly interactive tool is laced with a myriad of professional OpenCart themes that give an e-store appealing look.

Top-class Performance

This robust software is a key to drive traffic and boost business which improves the overall performance of your online t-shirt printing store and makes it able to be accessed across devices.

Amazing Artwork Gallery

Layers panel, different font styles for text, image upload, cliparts, product selection, rotation, unlimited colors, drag & drop and more custom options leverage quality personalized designs.

Cross-device Compatible

This custom t-shirt designer software is fully responsive and friendly with search engine optimization that facilitate an ease to access this tool across multiple platforms and browsers as per convenience.

Expert Explanation Regarding How Our Tool Works

T-shirt Designer- OpenCart Extension holds intuitive interface packed with tremendous unique features that guide prospective customers well to utilize its salient aspects. However, no one probably finds any hassle while using this online custom skin design tool, but we still cater explanatory video and ingeniously explained documentation with every minutest step of tool.

Why inkyROBO is Reliable Choice To Attain Custom-made Tool!

Being an expert in realm of custom t-shirt design software application, inkyROBO has accomplished the ever-evolving needs of numerous businesses. Adaptive structure, intuitive interface, immaculately managed features and ultimate flexibility are the benchmarks of t-shirt designer – OpenCart Extension that make our tool sought-after in printing industry.

  • Caters output file in 3 commonly used formats PNG SVG & PDF that are Direct to Garment and ready to print.
  • Generates the design of product according to specifications of vendors to make them satisfied.
  • Featured with adjustable pricing setting that allows admin to set particular cost on elements like font, color, theme, layers or artwork.
  • Touch-enabled aspect enhances smoothness of software application on smartphones, and tablets with interactive slide, drag, flip and rotation features.
  • Share your own designs with your friends, colleagues and relatives on famous Twitter & Facebook social networking sites.
  • Colorable artwork to alter color and set preferred cliparts as per requirement of design.
  • A wide array of unique OpenCart themes presented in tool enables administrator to choose the best theme for building e-commerce store.
  • Play with several views and colors to embellish t-shirt.
  • Update cliparts, products, fonts and more through JSON format
  • Every step is mentioned with thorough information in video and documentation of this tool to help you understand how it works.

Brian Eno —Praising Words Of Happy Clients For Us:

Starting an e-commerce t-shirt printing business is easy with online tool. The profits of my business are reflecting is positive way and I am happy with inkyROBO service, which provided me opportunities to design unique products. My customers are more happy now. Thanks to offer me quality software!

How many kinds of products can be customized using OpenCart T-shirt Designer?

The end users get the outcome of their designed t-shirt in print-ready format file that are Direct to garment and even ready to print. Indeed, it is fruitful for fashion-oriented t-shirt designs, which also allows users to design following products:

  • T-shirt
  • Purse
  • Business cards
  • Bottles
  • Buttons
  • Coffee mug and many similar products

Upcoming Features

  • Getting a preview of the customized product design during and after the designing process will become easier for the user
  • Easy to Preview, Apply, Crop and Delete images during system to tool uploading
  • Advanced features like Text Arching, Line Spacing and Word Spacing will be given by default to enhance the visibility of the designs
  • The premium feature set would comprehend text style formats like Text Curve, Text Path, Text Fx, etc.
  • User will be able to set the font color from outside using text outline feature
  • Options to upload photos via social gateways like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, QR code, etc. will also be provided
  • For every inappropriate image upload, the user will be sent a warning notification
  • Undo and Redo Options will be added to facilitate users for an effective designing
  • Simplified system control options like Ctrl+Z to go back to the previous task (same as like UNDO command) and Delete key to erase the design object
  • The user will have the option to download the design as digital proof For future reference
  • User can easily share design files via Email without even logging into the account
  • In PHP and Java version of the tool, the option to save design while sharing through Email will also be given
  • Design Autosave option to combat any kind of technical outage and interruption
  • Attached video tutorials will be added with every complex feature as a demo to begin with the function
  • Admin Panel backend out option will also be provided

Premium Features

  • Users get quick search option using keywords available in Clipart. For example, Type boxes to see all the inbuilt Cliparts saved in the library of the system related to boxes
  • Easy to add names and number option on products having diverse designs and sizes is available
  • On specific demands, bulk orders are also be accepted from the end user part
  • Options to change the product size, quantity and design are added for the users
  • Well-organized feedback premium option is given to the users in add to cart option
  • Premium version is made available to add all the artworks in one zip file
  • Options to remove unwanted details and outlines from the uploaded image is provided to the users in the form of Color extraction option. With its help, the users can manually erase the non-required portion of the image design
  • Blank Canvas will be provided as an advantage to design unspecified products

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a single domain license?

A. When you buy a single domain license, you are entitled to install and run this tool on a single domain. In case, you wish to get updates and support for the online designer tool, you will be required to validate your domain with the licensing authority. Once the process is completed, you will receive free updates and support.

Q. Which is the best choice to make between T-Shirt Designer OpenCart version and Developer version?

A. The details are available here.

Q. Are you available for customization service for the design tools?

A. The details are available here.

Q. Can the price of the product be changed?

A. It is possible to edit and modify the price of the products as well as the fonts, images and clip-arts dynamically, giving you much-desired control on your system.

Q. Can this tool be integrated on multiple language websites?

A. However, this t-shirt designer tool holds many artwork features that are simple to use & design a variety of t-shirts, but it does not support multiple language feature. On demand of our client, we can develop ticket for personalization. For this, just drop us mail at support@inkyrobo.com.

Q. When & how can I accept files of design in PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc., formats?

A. Go through link http://inkyrobo.com/jQueryTshirtTool/OpencartTool/LivePreview/ to take live preview of OpenCart t-shirt design tool. As you completed process “add to cart”, you get file of your own design formats like SVG, PNG & PDF.

Q. What specific server is required to use this tool?

A. It is comprehensive for you to make sure your system server adheres to all requisites that are imperative to complete installation process successfully. You can checkout following link for detail.

Q.Is there an option to customize this plugin based on our needs?

A. The details are available here.

Q.Can I use this tool on multiple domains?

A. The details are available here.

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We have provided an easy-to-follow installation guide to facilitate our clients. Click here for the installation guide. Remember we are always available to assist you during installation and usage of the tool on your website for free.

Do you need any clarification?

This e-commerce platform integrated tool holds miscellaneous easy to use features that are indispensable to create turnkey solutions. It is based on web-to-print and powered by standard platform, named OpenCart. This is an innovation of modern t-shirt design software application, which comes with improved functionality and friendly structure.

If you need any clarification about our software or want to get the best answer of your confusion, then feel free and put up your question. You can communicate with us via mail at support@inkyrobo.com. We are devoted to offering uninterrupted customer support and helping you find the right solution. Here is a demo of this tool, so go through it.

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$399.00 – $999.00
  • Single Site License • 6 months of free support & updates included • Flat one time fee

  • Single Site License • 12 months of free support & updates included • Flat one time fee

  • Single Site License • 24 months of free support & updates included • Flat one time fee

  • Addon's
  • Get documentation, video tutorials, tool activation support etc.... Read more

  • Installation by experts, priority support with free SVG files etc... Read more

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  • An Opencart Extension
  • Help file included
  • Free support
  • Free update
  • Flat one time fee

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