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T-shirt designer- PHP Version is a fully responsive tool powered by PHP. Packed with astonishing features, this software allows the end users to create wonderful t-shirt designs.

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Backend Login Details

Username: admin
Password: php@Pass@1234

Salient Features Of Online T-shirt Designer Tool Responsive Design

Responsive in nature

As the t-shirt design software- PHP version is fully responsive in nature, it can be used in multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops without any hassle.

Advanced Features

Making use of the latest technology, this tool is incorporated with some of the advanced features such as word spacing, text transition, preview panel, line spacing and multiline text in order to enrich the visibility of the design.

Undo/Redo Feature

In order to make the designing process hassle-free for the end users, the t-shirt designing tool- PHP Version also comes with undo/redo options. It’s not compulsory that the users who are using the tools are experts so they might commit mistakes. In such a scenario, this feature can be highly beneficial.

Digital Proof

Another striking feature of this tool is save and download file. The end users can save the design file with an ease as a digital proof for the future reference. Moreover, the designs can be easily shared and downloaded.

A Comprehensive Guide To The Working Of The Tool – With Tutorial Video

Our t-shirt design software- PHP version is built with striking features and functionality keeping in mind the common people who possess no technical knowledge. However, we ensure all these features do not make the tool tough to be used. In case, the user faces any problem while using the software they can simply refer to this video guide in order to solve their queries.


Why should you choose inkyROBO PHP tool?

inkyROBO is the most prominent name in the market for providing t-shirt designing software and keeps on modifying the tool for the customers. This PHP t-shirt design tool comes with groundbreaking features that are simpler to use and create stunning designs. With the help of our extremely trained t-shirt designer professionals, we have come up with well-designed PHP t-shirt design software

  • The final output comes in print-ready file formats such as PNG, SVG, and PDF that can be printed directly on the garment with ease.
  • Add-on of the vendor specified products.
  • Provision for JSON parsing that enables the end users to update fonts, new products and clip-arts to the tool.
  • This tool comes with the flexible price structure that allows the users to set the price of various images, colors and texts.
  • Featured with new multi-line text options.
  • The end users can easily fill colors to text options.
  • Text transitions to single line text- Packed with advanced features such as line spacing, text arching, and word spacing that will be given by default in order to enrich the appearance of the designs.
  • The end-users can modify the colors of the artworks such as clip-arts for improved customization.
  • The software makes it easier to beautify the product with vibrant colors, outstanding images and cliparts.
  • Responsive- Designed to work smoothly on smartphones, the tool comes with features like drag-drop, flip and rotate for a touch-friendly browsing experience.
  • During and after the designing process, the users can easily get the preview of the customized product design.
  • Addition of Undo and Redo option that will expedite the users for an efficient designing.
  • The t-shirt design software also comes with the option of downloading the design as digital proof for the future reference.
  • Bulk orders are also acknowledged from the end user part on special demand.
  • The tool comes with the option of changing the product size, design and quantity.
  • The users can easily share their unique designs on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Every minute step of this software is explained in detail through the video or documentation of this tool for helping the end users to understand the procedure.
  • Proper feedback premium option is provided to the users in add to cart option.
  • Instant help

Angelina —one of our customer stated:

I was looking for a t-shirt design tool to integrate it to my e-commerce t-shirt printing business that would help my users create their own designs on their t-shirts. The response that I received after integrating this innovative tool is quite impressive and satisfying. There is rise in the sales volume and I am also able to attract the potential customers. Thanks to inkyROBO for offering me such unique designing software.

Products that can be customized using this software

The t-shirt design software- PHP version is a versatile tool that can be used for designing a wide range of products apart from t-shirts. Other products may include:

  • T-shirt
  • Purse
  • Bottle and many similar products

Upcoming Features

  • Simple to preview, apply, crop and delete images at the time of system to tool uploading.
  • The premium feature set comes with the text style formats such as Text Path, Text Fx, Text Curve and many others.
  • Allows the end users to upload the photos via social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, QR code, etc.
  • The users will get a warning notification in case of any inappropriate image upload.
  • Simplified system control options such as Ctrl+Z for going back to the former task (similar to UNDO command) and Delete key for erasing the design object.
  • Option of sharing design files via Email without even logging into the account.
  • In the PHP and Java version of the software, the option of saving design while sharing via email will also be provided.
  • In order to combat any type of technical outage and interference, Design Autosave feature is also enabled in the tool.
  • The T-shirt Design Software – PHP version comes with the attached video tutorials for every complicated feature as a demo to start the function with ease.
  • The tool is also equipped with the Admin Panel back end out option.

Premium Features

  • Making use of the instant search option, the users can easily find their desired cliparts by just writing the related keywords in the search field.
  • The users can easily include the numbers and names on the t-shirts that are available in an array of designs and sizes.
  • All the artworks can be kept in one zip folder in the premium version of the software.
  • Color extraction option is also provided which helps the users in eliminating the unwanted details like outlines from the images that they utilize for design.
  • Featured with the blank canvas, the tool allows the users to design any unspecified product.

Some FAQs:

  • Q. What is PHP Version?

    A. The PHP version of the t-shirt design software/tool helps the end users in designing their own products as per their wish. Packed with unique features and functionality, the software lets the end users in showcasing their artistic nature to everyone. Easy operations like rotate & flip and drag & drop can be performed in order to utilize the texts, images and clip-arts in the way the end users like. The PHP version of the software not only allows the users customize the t-shirt designs but they can also integrate it with their e-commerce system. With the help of this tool, the users can not only design t-shirts but also create wonderful coffee mugs, greeting cards, bags and many other products.

  • Q. Can the tool get customized as per my needs?

    A.Yes, we have a highly dedicated experts who look into the matter of customization of the t-shirt designer software. You can simply raise the request for the customization and our expert team will contact you.

  • Q. Which is the best option for T-shirt Designer to choose- OpenCart or PHP?

    A. This is among the most frequently asked questions in context to our t-shirt designer software. In order to make the things clear for all, we are providing you the complete details here.

    The t-shirt design tool- OpenCart Version is the ready to go version and is the perfect option for those users who own an OpenCart website. In such a scenario, the users will be able to use the software directly through the website without any hassle. The OpenCart version of the tool is specifically designed to be compatible with the OpenCart e-commerce platform and is suggested for the website developed using this platform.

    Those who are looking for a t-shirt design tool for integrating to their website that is developed on PHP, t-shirt design software- PHP Version is the perfect option for them.

  • Q. Can we integrate this software on multiple language websites?

    A. Yes, this PHP version of t-shirt design software can be easily integrated on multiple language websites.

  • Q. Is there any option of customizing other products by adding them to the tool?

    A. Yes, there is the option of customizing a wide range of products using this software. In addition to the t-shirts, you can customize mugs, laptop skin, purse, etc.

  • Q.Is there an option to customize this plugin based on our needs?

    A. The details are available here.

  • Q.Can I use this tool on multiple domains?

    A. The details are available here.

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FREE Installation Service

In order to help our clients in installation process, we have provided them with an easy-to-follow installation guide. We are always present to assist you in the installation process and using the software on your website for free.

Have further queries?

If you are facing any kind of trouble while using the T-shirt Design Software – PHP version, then feel free to contact our support team who are always available to assist you in all possible manners. The tool that we offer is surely the best online t-shirt design software that you can trust upon for creating stunning designs. You can rest assured that your investment in the tool will be worth. Meanwhile, you can go through our live product demo here.

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Our integration experts are available for hire

Provide your users with the freedom of designing their own products as per their taste by integrating such innovative t-shirt designer software- PHP version to your website. We are always available for your help if you need any kind of assistance in the integration of the software with your existing e-commerce system. You can hire our integration experts at affordable prices.Contact us at support@inkyrobo.com or through contact us page.

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