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T-shirt designer WordPress plugin is mobile-friendly tool that is packed with several user-friendly features that let the users create awesome designs on variety of t-shirts.

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Salient Features of WordPress Powered T-shirt Design Software

Impressive Graphics

The graphics of the t-shirt design tool are quite impressive. The overall appearance of the tool is enhanced with the use of these graphics and the end users get a better solution to showcase their creativity.

WordPress Themes

You can choose among a huge collection of WordPress themes and use them to adorn your e-commerce website with the best look and feel as well as the functionalities.

Top-Notch Performance

This WordPress t-shirt design plugin / software is built with the most advanced technologies by skilled and seasoned developers. This ensures that the online t-shirt design tool- WordPress plugin delivers an unmatched performance.

A Rich Images & Clipart Library

In order to make design elements available for creating t-shirt designs, we have incorporated a library that comprises a large of number of images and cliparts to choose from.

Cross-device Compatible

Our new T-shirt design WordPress plugin has been built using technologies that make it compatible with all the major browsers as well as the mobile devices.

Host of Advance Features

Some of the advanced features that have been included in the new tool comprise text style formats like Text Curve, Text Path, Text Fx, etc. Apart from them, advanced features like text arching, line spacing and word spacing have been provided by default to enhance the visibility of the design.

Undo/Redo Feature

Undo and redo options have also been added to the t-shirt design WordPress plugin to facilitate easy designing for the end users. As they are not experts, they are expected to make frequent mistakes and undo/redo feature can come handy in such situation.

Save, Share & Download File

The users can easily save the design file as a digital proof for the future. The designs can be shared and downloaded too.

A Comprehensive Guide to The Working Of The Tool

Our WordPress powered software for T-shirt Design is replete with highly usable features and functionality. However, we have made sure that all these options do not make the tool a tough but to crack. In case, the users find any sort of issues while using the t-shirt designer software, they can refer to the video guide and get their issues resolved.

What Makes inkyROBO A Trusted Choice For T-shirt designer software- WordPress Plugin?

inkyROBO has been an expert in the t-shirt design domain and keeps on upgrading its tools for the customers. This new WordPress T-shirt design plugin has been built keeping in mind the immense popularity of WordPress. We have special expertise in developing WordPress powered plugins and it helped us come out with an excellently crafted shirt designer software.

  • The tool produces output in three common formats that are PDF, PNG and SVG. These three are ready to print formats and can be printed using a DTG printer.
  • The software has been designed in a way that it gets seamlessly integrated to the WordPress website and works smoothly.
  • Admin has the option to set price for each product as well as the customization.
  • As the tool is touch-enabled, it can be readily used by the smartphone, tab and iPad users.
  • We have provided a range of images and cliparts in the t-shirt design software for WordPress for the users to implement in the design.
  • Customizations like addition of custom images, image/clipart/text resize, rotate and flip etc have been provided in the tool.
  • inkyROBO has built this software with the latest technologies like jQuery etc and hence, you can rest assured of its unmatched quality and performance.
  • All the images, cliparts, products, fonts etc can be added and updated to the tool using JSON parsing.
  • The designs that you create can be shared among your friends using social media platforms as well.

Customer Andrew- Appreciative Words From One Of Our Happy Clients:

I wanted to upgrade my WordPress powered online fashion portal with an add-on feature that could let my users craft design on their favorite t-shirts. The kind of response I have received from the users after integrating this design tool is quite positive. The sales volume is rising and my users are happy. What more could I have wished for?

Products That The Tool Is Capable Of Designing

The online t-shirt design tool for WordPress is a versatile one and can be implemented to create designs for several products like –

  • T-shirt
  • Shirts, sweatshirts
  • Handbags
  • Business Cards
  • Wallets
  • Coffee Mugs etc

Upcoming Features

  • Text outline feature will enable the users to set font color from outside.
  • The users will be able to upload images from social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Fickr and also using QRCode.
  • The feature to issue warning to the users for uploading inappropriate images will also be added.
  • Shortcut keys like Ctrl+Z will be introduced to perform functions like undo and delete to remove the selected design element
  • Autosave option will be added to save the design from being lost due to power outage or other interruptions.
  • Video tutorials will be made available for each functionality of the t-shirt design software for WordPress.
  • Admin panel will be provided as the back-end to let the business owners control the tool.

Premium Features

  • Using the quick search option, the users can find the desired cliparts by typing in related keywords in the search field.
  • The users can easily add the numbers and names on the t-shirts available in different designs and sizes.
  • Bulk orders can be accepted from the end users if there is a specific demand for the same.
  • Users can change the size, quantity and design of the t-shirt that they have chosen for designing.
  • Option to register feedback is given to the users in the add to cart option of the tool.
  • All the artworks can be added to one zip file in the premium version of the t-shirt design software for WordPress.
  • We have provided the option of color extraction using which the users can remove the unwanted details such as outlines from the images that they are using for design
  • If the users wish to design an unspecified product, black canvas feature is provided for it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can this tool be integrated on multiple language websites?

A. Yes, this tool can be integrated with multiple languages websites easily.

Q. Can I get the tool customized to my needs?

A. Yes, we have a dedicated team that looks into the customization of the t shirt designer software. You can raise the request for the customization and our team will get in touch with you.

Q. Is there any compatibility issue with other WordPress plugins?

A. Absolutely not. Our tool will not clash with any plugin that you install on your WordPress website. If you face any such issue, you can reach out to us and we will look into it.

Q. Will the t-shirt design software- WordPress be able to scale up when my business grows?

A. Absolutely We have designed the tool to be completely scalable and there is no restriction on the number of products you upload to the t-shirt design tool. It will match up with the growth of the your business.

Q.Is there an option to customize this plugin based on our needs?

A. The details are available here.

Q.Can I use this tool on multiple domains?

A. The details are available here.

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We have provided an easy-to-follow installation guide to make the process of installation easy for our clients. If you face any issue while configuring and installing the WordPress t-shirt design application, we are there for your assistance

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The WordPress powered t-shirt design software by inkyROBO is a meticulously crafted tool ideal for the printing and e-commerce firms that wish to let their customers create design on t-shirts themselves. With a user-friendly UI and a plethora of customization feature, the design tool is quite robust, usable and efficient.

If you require further details about the tool and its abilities, you can go through its documentation as well as the guide. You can also contact us at david@inkyrobo.com and send us your queries. We will be more than happy to help you. You can go through the demo of the WordPress t shirt online design software here.
Frontend Live Demo Backend Live Demo

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