What is the server requirement?

Let’s checkout the server requirement here:

  • Installation of the newest version of Imagemagick is essential on the server
  • There must be a running GD Library
  • Ghostscript must be activated
  • System command and Exec() must be in running mode
  • Enabled Active Perl should be there on the server
  • It’s a prerequisite to Install Ioncube loader on the server

Which is the best option for T-shirt Designer to choose- Open Cart or Developer version?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding our T-shirt Designer software. To make things clear for once and for all, we have provided complete detail here.

An OpenCart version of T-shirt designer tool is the ready to go version and is most suited for those users who have an OpenCart website. In such a case, the T-shirt designer tool can be made available to the users through the website directly without any hassle. The OpenCart version of the T-shirt designer tool has been designed to be compatible with the OpenCart e-commerce platform and is recommended for website developed using this platform.

The developer version of T-shirt Designer Tool from InkyRobo is suited for those users who wish to integrate this tool with website that is not based on OpenCart. When it comes to ease of integration, T-shirt Developer tool requires some sort of technical assistance. You will need to get the tool integrated with a developer and is naturally a time consuming process. This version of the tool has been designed specifically to cater users that wish to utilize this tool on websites not built using Open Cart.

The WordPress version of Online T-shirt designer tool caters to the needs of stores designed on WordPress platform. The best part about using this version is its nature of being compatible with the WordPress platform. Being extremely easy to use and setup, the plugin comes with excellent features and is fully customizable. Users can easily configure this plugin into their new or existing WordPress stores.

Is there an option to customize this plugin based on our needs?

The plugin can be easily customized depending on the features you wish to incorporate. The complete source code will be made available to you using which you can easily amend the features you wish for your site.

Can I use this tool on multiple domains?

Yes, it can be used on 1 development and 1 live domain. The development domain is one where you can deploy any kind of changes and further test it for performance, whereas the live domain is one where the changes made are being uploaded to the live environment. Although, the tool comes with a single domain license but it can still be hosted on other domain or store. In order to host it on an additional domain, you will have to spend 99 USD each.

Is it possible for a customer to change the colors, even if I uploaded clipart is in SVG?

Communicate with your clipart provider and ask for the colorable clipart. If you find them, then just set the value 1 in the respective JSON and your cliparts will appear as colorable on the front-end.

Do you have any customization service?

Yes, we do provide customization service with our design tools. You can get in touch with us after you make the purchase for your desired tool.

Can I use this tool to design any other product despite of t-shirt?

Yes of course, you can, because there is no restriction with the usage of this tool. You are completely free to design anything, which is practically possible using its dynamic colors, styles, cliparts, fonts, and many more features. Go through following link to know how this tool, enriched with lots of features, it can help you fulfill your need in an exact way.

Is there any option to change the language from English to any other International language?

Well, this option has not been implemented in this plugin till now, but we are working on it. We assure you that our coming update will be MULTI-LINGUAL, there is no need to worry about this feature. With next update, this tool will surely provide support to the different standard languages.

Can we set product price according to the features?

Yes, you can set price according to color, clipart, text, font & background color easily.

What extension file does this plugin create, once design is completed?

The PRINT READY outcome with VECTOR PDF format is generated and the user can give a command to take its printout. You may also connect your device with DTG machine to directly print the PDF design on any product or t-shirt.

Is there any restriction to attach cliparts with particular product like Clipart “A” with product “A” & Clipart “B” with Product “B”?

No, there is ZERO restriction with the usage of cliparts. You can attach any clipart with any product either Clipart “A” with Product “B” or Clipart “B” with Product “A”.

How & when will I receive designed file in different formats PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc?

As you can see the live preview of this tool http://inkyrobo.com/jQueryTshirtTool/LivePreview/. Once you are done with add to cart, we provide the output of your design in 3 different formats (SVG, PNG & PDF). Among these 3 formats, SVG & PDF are used for printing and remaining JPEG is used for only viewing purpose.

Is this tool is limited for an amount of products or Can I upload unlimited products for my customers?

No limitation for the number of products and Yes, you can upload the number of cliparts, products & fonts that you want to offer to your customers without any sort of hassle.

Do you offer eCommerce platform integration & full web design?

Yes, we do offer both services.

If my customers are done with their design and they click on Add to Cart, then does this plugin will load to the shopping cart automatically?

Data has been shared in POST by us and you just need to do one thing that customize script in accordance with e-commerce platform, which you have chosen to use with your eStore.

Can I design each part of the product with different colors?

Yes, you change color for every view and each view is a part of the product. It means that this tool provides full freedom to execute your custom needs.

Does it facilitate to load already designed products’ templates?

No, this feature has not been implemented yet. But, on your request, we can add this feature for you.

Will it support the multilingual websites?

Actually, it is a simple tool with various artwork features, but does not have multilingual feature. So, if you want this for your website, then send us mail at support@inkyrobo.com to develop a ticket for customization.

Can this tool be customized for business cards, coffee mugs, greeting cards, etc.?

Yes. For this purpose, you just need to include desired products from JSON. This tool will automatically show up the front-end, after that this tool can be customized.

Can this plug-in be integrated with ROR?

Yes, Integration with any programming language can be done.

Does full shirt customization, including Cloth Selection, Button, Pocket, Fabric, Color, Collar, Fleet, and more also possible with this software?

Well, it’s a SHIRT Customization Plugin, not a Design Customization Tool/Software. Have a look at an example: http://beta.creyate.com/en/gcustomise1/Mens-Shirt/103/SHIRT3/ Here, this is a full product designer to develop PRINTING output only, rather than whole Product. But, you do not need to get worried regarding it, in case, you have such kind of requirements, so we are known for creating custom software and we are very much capable of making one for you in a short span of time. Just send your specific requirement at support@inkyrobo.com and our technical team will contact you for further queries.

Can i use this designer tool on multiple domain or is there any kind of license limitations?

The software comes with single domain license i.e. you are only allowed to use it on single website or domain of your business. In case you need to publish it on multiple domain/affiliates/store you would have to purchase additional domain licenses.

What is the cost for additional domain license?

You will have to pay 99 USD for each additional domain.

I have a growing business and i would like to buy unlimited domain license?

We understand your business and would love to hear back more about this in order to assist you better with a customised pricing we can offer you. Please contact to support@inkyrobo.com.

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