Please read all the instructions carefully as stated under the License Agreement for end-users. Be sure you agree with the terms and conditions associated with this agreement. inkyROBO License Agreement for end-users is a legal contract between you (could be a single individual) and inkyROBO for the Product Design software. Copying, Installing or otherwise using the software exhibits your agreement with the terms of this company. The license agreement includes all the clauses concerned with process between you and the licenser, and holds the power to revise any clause, proposal, representation or undertakings between the two parties.

Remember not to sign the agreement and DO NOT USE software or any other service, in case you are not sure about getting compliant with the terms and conditions. This Product Design Software is guaranteed under the copyright laws and international copyright strategies that state this software is not sold, instead licensed.

  1. Types of License
    inkyROBO offers its product design tools in three license types:
    a. Standard- It comes with 6 months of free updates and support
    b. Extended - It comes with 12 months of free updates & support
    c. Ultimate- It comes with 24 months of free updates & support
  2. License Grant
    In compliance with the terms & conditions of the License agreement, inkyROBO grants a non-transferable license to use the Product Design Software. The licensed program is available in a format that cannot transfer the software to any third party member, either in modified or non-modified format.
  3. Copying/Duplicating
    You hereby agree to place the copyright notice of inkyROBO under the software product copies made from the original entity. Each of the product design software has been copyrighted but unpublished by inkyROBO.
  4. Refund Policy
    Throughly check the product before making payment or installing the software. Any refund request made after downloading the product will depend on the verdict of our refund redressal team after reviewing the refund request. They may issue either full refund, partial refund, or no refund if the product has been downloaded. The whole refund process takes 2-3 weeks. In a case, if the tool is either corrupt, broken, or does not incorporate the specified features, then you can initiate the return request within the 30 calendar days of the purchase date.
    a. The product is not installed/downloaded
    b. Should match the checks to qualify the refund procedure
  5. Ownership
    Any copies, updates, modifications, compilations made hereby with the product design software remain the sole property of inkyROBO.
  6. Proprietary Rights
    You hereby agree not to create, provide or deliver any form of product design software in any form without getting prior written consent of inkyROBO. You also agree to maintain the confidentiality of the software in all circumstances.
  7. Termination
    InkyROBO confers the sole authority of terminating the License Agreement, in case you fail to fulfill the requirements of the agreement. And the terms of agreement is subject to change without seeking any prior approval.
  8. Dispatch/Delivery
    inkyROBO shall strive to deliver the product as soon as the order is received and shall be liable to the consequences in case of any disparity in the product delivery.
  9. Disclaimer Of Warranty
    inkyROBO claims to provide no warranty to the feature or use of the software product in any circumstances. The licenser does not guarantee you to fulfill all requirements the product was purchased for. Also, the entire risk to the quality of product lies with the end user.

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