The support policy accentuates that how we provide the services to you, after you complete the purchase. If there is any confusion or you may not get the point, then please reach to us or drop an email to us.

We reserve the right to change the support policy. Hence, you have to stay in touch with our support policy timely. Moreover, the major changes in support policy may also stated in the blog.

This support policy is in effect from 03 March 2016.

  1. Support Duration
    We have a huge customer base from different parts of the world. However, it is quite challenging for us to cater the support to the different customers at different time zones, our team strives to assist the customers in the best way.
    We are using the advanced PMS (Project Management System) that keeps us connected with the clients at ease. Generally, it takes 24 to 48 hours to get your query answered, but in certain circumstances, it can take more time. Hence, please understand the situation and have patience.
  2. Support Coverage
    Our supports policy covers 3 main options, including pre-sales support (query related to product & service), post-sales supports (hassle generating during the usage of our tools) and refund policy.
    Pre-Sale Support
    In a pre-sale support, audience generally ask to know more about the products as well as services. Mostly, these are the doubts that are revolving in the customer’s mind, including:
    Pre-Sale Support
    Query for the specification of the tools
    Query for support services
    Query associated with sales and services
    Post Sales Support
    The problem that is generated while using the tools is considered in this section. Following kinds of bugs are considered:

    1. The specified features that are not working in the tool
    2. Bugs that occurred due to third party plugin installation
    3. The bug that is generated due to users’ customization (only if customer has not hindered the source code of purchased product).
      Refund Policy
      There is a refund policy that incorporates the terms & conditions. To know more about this policy, you can read below-given section 9.
  3. Support Horizon
    Our support policy is designed to lay emphasis on wide array of topics, including set up and configuration of the tools. No support will be provided, if the customers is demanding the modification of designing tools or they want some other features to be integrated with the specific tools.
    We provide supports in the following conditions:

    1. When the features are not mentioned in the documentation
    2. When the specified features (that is advertised) do not work
      Any kind of said compatibility error in our tool
  4. Out Of Reach Support
    In the following cases, the support services is not applicable:

    1. Major customizing that require more than 1 hour.
    2. Changes in default settings of the tools
    3. Integrating functionality that is not mentioned in the advertisements
    4. Developing the tools compatible with third party plugin
    5. Maintaining and processing diagnosis for server as well as other services
    6. Problem related to hosting
    7. Issues that emerge due to installation of third party plugin or extension
  5. Supports In Terms of Modification  
    1. If the customers are demanding the modification that requires only 2-3 lines of codes, then, we will definitely help them. But, if the customizing requires several line of codes, or testing, then we will render only the basic guidelines. And, in case if the customers do not have coding skill, then they have to hire the developer to process the customization. Along with this, premium support is also available for urgent cases.
    2. Apart from above-mentioned option, the customer can avail our customizing services to modify the tools.
  6. Supports Calendar
    1. Availability
      Generally, our support team is present between 9:30 to 6:30 (according to GMT +5:30)  and checks the support request 5 times a day. While on weekends and national holidays, the request for support may take time to be addressed. Hence, it is requested that don’t expect any quick response from our end on the weekend and holidays.
    2. Unavailable Support
      Our support is not available during the following cases:

      1. Due to heavy volume of support requests on the comment section, it is difficult for us to manage and respond to the queries.
      2. There are certain stances such as on holiday the employees are not available. Thus, it is not possible to cater the support instantly.
      3. We do not provide the support to the subscribers who have not availed any services of our company.
      4. If the license key of our product is expired, in that case, we do not provide any support.
  7. How To Avail Support
    Go through the follow steps to avail our responsive support:

    1. Navigate to the contact us
    2. Choose the relevant support that you want, Pre-Sales support (tools related query) and Post Sales Support (Query related to the problem aired during usage)
    3. Opt correct options. Is that support is related to general topic or the tools provided by us?
    4. Next enter your information, Name & Email. After that, mention the subject of the support request and the query. There are certain circumstances when it is difficult to address the query. But if you have the document, then you can also upload the same.
    5. At last, click the button captioned as “Submit Message”
    6. After receiving the message, we will reach to you through the email that is mentioned by you.
    7. When the bugs or the issues are sorted out, we will notify through the email.
  8. Premium Support
    There are certain cases when the customers do not have technical knowledge in troubleshooting or coding. In those cases, we offer the premium support. For more information, you can reach to us.
  9. Refund Policy
    Following are the cases:

    1. Case 1: If you have made the payment for the tool, but did not avail or download that tool, then we will process the full return.
    2. Case 2: If the tool that our company delivers is either corrupt, broken or does not feature the mentioned specifications. The refund claim deadline is 30 calendar days, which is valid for all the buyers. The effective day starts from the date of purchasing.
    3. Case 3: If you have downloaded our tool, but due to some reasons you want the refund, then our dispute redressal team will get active to analyze that matter. On the basis of the matter, they will make the subjective judgment. After that, you may receive the full, partial or no refund. This whole process will take around 2 to 3 weeks to complete.
  10. Dealing With Abuse
    We hold right to reverse your access to our organization during the occurrence of abuse toward our professionals and staff through following ways:

    1. By using the dirty word
    2. By defaming character
    3. By spamming the comment section
    4. By posting the same message again and again

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